LETTER: I support stop and search

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I am writing in response to the letters last week that criticised the ‘stop and search’ tactics recently employed at Whittington Green School in Chesterfield.

In the last couple of years, great strides and improvements have been seen at the school by the head Mrs Burnside and her staff, these cannot be understated.

It is my personal experience that the head and staff are open and willing to listen to parents suggestions and concerns, and try to resolve issues on all occasions.

I fully expect and I am confident that the staff and Mrs Burnside’s hard work will be reflected in 2016 GCSE results.

I have seen how the school has improved under her leadership, and I am sure this course of action would have been taken as a last resort.

This action may have given the pupils concerned a shock and caused ripples throughout, but I find it refreshing to see that the school applied these measures.

The school has done the right thing, if a problem starts to impact the students that want to learn and progress then it has to be dealt with.

I fully support the somewhat controversial stance in this matter.Brilliant!

David Short

By email