LETTER: HS2 would obliterate Chesterfield Canal

An example of the high speed 'HS2' train
An example of the high speed 'HS2' train

What a terrible shame that sections of the Chesterfield Canal will be obliterated by HS2 (last week’s front page of the Derbyshire Times) and with this the hopes and dreams of all the many volunteers who have worked hard for so long to restore it.

We are sacrificing our inheritance on the altar of economic growth. Economic growth requires ever more people who need ever more housing development and infrastructure, year after year after year. Is this giving us a better quality of life? Where will it end?

The restored canal would have been a great asset for North East Derbyshire, especially for leisure opportunities and tourism. HS2 will give us little but blight.

How about a readers’ poll: Would you prefer HS2 or the Chesterfield Canal?

David Selkirk

Robincroft Road,