LETTER: How are councillors affected by cuts?

I cannot understand all the cuts being made - SureStart, libraries, bus services and community bus services, 700 staff cuts by Derbyshire County Council - when I have not heard or seen where councillors are being affected directly.

I believe they all get around £10,000 a year and another £5,000 for being on a committee.

Some committees must be redundant if everything is being closed or stopped.

In my view it is absolutely disgusting that council tax is going up as well.

I would like to see Coun Ann Western or her deputy, Coun Steve Freeborn, and all councillors take a cut.

They will blame the Conservative Government, but in my opinion Labour millionaire Blair got the country in to trouble and Cameron is getting us out.

I think the county council could save money by reducing councillor numbers and then they could afford to look after

the elderly and young and provide services, which is what we pay council tax for.

David Ritchie

North Wingfield