Letter: Horn’s Bridge cycle path plan will cause traffic chaos

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Fantastic, a month’s traffic gridlock in Chesterfield again to provide a cycle path that 99 per cent or more of the town’s population won’t ever use.

It’s not just the Horns Bridge island that will be totally choked up, but the whole of Chesterfield’s road network - a fact that all of us who use our cars every day can attest to when there’s even a small accident anywhere around the area.

I assume both Derbyshire County Council and the borough council have had some say in the scheduling of the works, and the decision to carry this out at the darkest time of year in the run up to Christmas can only be described as crackers in my view.

If the work was carried out in the summer the longer days, better weather and school holidays would mean the work could be done quicker and with less disruption but, as usual, the council traffic planners take leave of their senses.

Can we assume that, as the slip road is closed, work will be taking place over continuous seven-day weeks rather than us being able to watch no work being done at weekends whilst we’re stood in traffic - just as has happened when previous works on the bypass have been carried out, with two men sat in a pick up truck on ‘traffic management’ duties on Saturday mornings, who then simply drive off having got paid for their overtime shift and done exactly no work.

Let’s not forget that the thousands of people who’ll be stood in traffic every day actually pay road tax on their vehicles whilst the fanatical few cyclists who press the councils to provide little used cycle routes pay absolutely nothing to use the facility when built.

Thanks again to the council traffic planners on behalf of everyone who’ll have their car journeys to and from work delayed, those trying to get up to the Royal Hospital in good time, school and service bus drivers plus passengers who also have to sit in the queues, etc, etc.

Stephen Smedley