LETTER: Health service needs to be properly funding

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The Derbyshire Times report of the elderly cancer patient who waited more than ten hours in Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s accident and emergency department was shocking.

There are similar stories across the country. The Red Cross has described our most treasured service, the NHS, as facing a humanitarian crisis. Yet if the NHS had continued to receive the increase in funding it received annually until 2010, when the coalition and then the Conservatives took power, it would not be in this state. 
Instead the NHS has been forced to make huge savings whilst billions have been cut from local authority social care budgets. Elderly people who cannot get help turn to the NHS and there are not enough beds because of cuts.

The NHS and social care services must be properly funded and provided with suitably qualified staff. Public money should be funding good services not providing profit for private health and care providers. Chesterfield Trade Union Council and Save our NHS are encouraging everyone to protest and demand more money for the NHS and Social Care. 
For this ,we will be marching in London on March 4, so why not join us? 
For details of our coach contact Val@patrick47.fsnet.co.uk or on 01246 452661.

Val Graham

Broomhill Road, Chesterfield