LETTER: Green belt land is turning grey

Local wildlife should be protected.
Local wildlife should be protected.

Walk upon England’s mountains green? Not anymore. The countryside around us is turning into three shades of grey.

Blighted by a massive corridor of oversized industrial units at Markham Vale and acres upon acres to be born in the Seymour area near Staveley boasting of local jobs.

Access and link roads severing the countryside into jigsaw pieces, we hope it’s all going to be worth it.

What is troubling is the already large numbers of non-productive and unoccupied shells, offices and units at Barlborough Links and also at Markham Vale - land wasting away. Public concern regards over-development is ever increasing, surely there must be a limit?

A message to our local councils and those developers - our green spaces, woodlands and hedgerows deserve foremost value for the clean air we breathe, ecological assets and the general wellbeing of our community. Please don’t take them all.

Melissa Rose

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