LETTER: Good manners cost nothing

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Could I please use your letters page to air my feelings about two incomprehensible things .

Firstly, may I ask all owners of shops, large and small, from the corner shop to the largest super market, to train their till staff to STOP working when attempting to serve an ignorant customer who is on their mobile phone?

I witnessed recently in Pets At Home a young woman attempting to serve a customer who was texting and laughing at the texts and completely ignoring the fact that they were being served.

Each question the young person had to ask was met a look of ‘how dare you interrupt me’.

Answering the staff on the till was clearly an inconvenience, presenting her payment was a hardship.

I ask VERY LOUDLY for managers of shops to train your staff just to stop whilst the customers are ignoring them.

I am sure I am not the only one to witness such bad behaviour.

Good manners cost nothing.

Being rude and ignoring staff on tills when they are serving you should not be allowed.

It should not be accepted as common place, stop it.

Secondly, car drivers who drive around these damp cold days without clearing their car windows, or better still without lights on so other drivers who are driving correctly cannot see them.

I cannot understand how there are not accidents all over with these fools on the road.

Drivers, clean your windows before starting your journey.

Drivers put your lights - on its dark early now, you must have noticed.

Adrian Mather