LETTER: Get parking decision reversed


I write as a resident bordering an ‘access only’ street which is regularly invaded by illegal parkers. 
I was stunned to learn of the petition being run by two Labour councillors against the sale of Ashgate Road car park for housing – are they not aware that it is the Labour run local council that is selling the land? It seems utterly bizarre that Labour are organising a petition against their own actions.

How can two Labour councillors have obtained permission to start a petition against their own policy? Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?

Parking bays in South Shields.

Parking bays in South Shields.

Further, the notice of sale on the site seems to make it obvious that it is already a done deal. Do these two councillors not know that?

Coun Serjeant’s comments that there is already enough parking in the town centre is risible, and reveals just how out of touch Labour are on this issue, in my view.
Does she really think that people will pay up to £1.30 an hour when they can park illegally on an ‘access only’ street?
The Ashgate Road car park at least allows the more honest amongst us to park at a reasonable rate, and get some exercise by walking into town. Its demise will only exacerbate the problems already being suffered by residents of Brockwell Ward due to street parking.

I remember the Goldwell Rooms being demolished because the building was sliding down the hill.

Is the site stable enough for building? It also seems to me that the parking situation at the adjacent health centre is inadequate.

In my view this petition is clearly just a ploy to enable the councillors to say that they have stood up for the local community. 
If they really wanted to help, they would simply get the council to reverse the decision.

Harry Holloway

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