LETTER: Fun and games in Ploughrites’ factory

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Many years ago I was one of those engineers who took my trade to Pathe Engineers, a company residing in Ploughrites’ old factory in Brampton.

The engineers were without doubt some of the finest I had ever met but they had a sense of humour to match their skills. 
Night working was a revelation for when you went to the toilet you took your duck board with you (wooden board to stop damp getting to your feet) otherwise when you came back from the toilet there would be a beautiful glow as the wood caught fire keeping the workers warm. 
It was so funny and one night one of the lads sloped off into the dark factory and rattled some chains it was so eerie and one of the workers said “Oh no, not again, it Ploughrites’ ghost on the move.”
It is impossible to describe the scene.

Frank Hardy