LETTER: Find a backbone and take pride in country

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The EU Parliament has passed a motion criticising the UK’s stance on Brexit negotiations. What a cheek.

Indeed it is the EU Parliament which should be criticised for its stance on the Brexit negotiations.

To negotiate you need all parties to be willing to be flexible. A concept that the EU seems unable to comprehend.

However, what is definitely not helping the British Government is the continual criticism of Theresa May by her own party. Those Conservative MPs involved are definitely not thinking of the good of our country. I know there are those in all parties who did not agree with the democratic decision of the British people to leave the EU. However, it was the will of the majority, irrespective of the numbers game and if this decision is not followed through then British democracy is well and truly at an end.

Theresa May did make a mistake with the Conservatives’ campaign, but she has admitted it and apologised. However, despite this mistake the Conservatives won the General Election with the mandate to trigger Article 50, so for heaven’s sake let them get on with the job in hand. For Britain to be successful and move on everyone needs to stop the verbal crucifixion of Theresa May and pull together.

The EU will continue to play on this disunity and it doesn’t want us to leave, no doubt because we are the second biggest contributor to the coffers. Also the British media are in no small part to blame and unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be anything more news worthy for them to focus on.

As for Corbyn, I personally believe he was elected as leader of the Labour Party due to a knee jerk reaction to Blair and New Labour.

In no way did he and the party at that time represent the working people of this country. Indeed there was little to differentiate the two major parties from each other.

The British are fed up of austerity as it has been going on for some time. Indeed I am fed up of it, but we cannot borrow billions to carry out Corbyn’s ideas as appealing as they might be. I was always brought up with the saying “you have to cut your coat according to your cloth.”

Currently I doubt if we have enough cloth to make a waist coat and if we borrow more, when the waist coat is worn out and we still haven’t paid for it what will we do?

It will be future generations that will be left to pay for the ill-conceived spending spree. Corbyn is building his dreams on moving sand. It’s unrealistic and crazy.

Initially Britain joined the Common Market but since then it has morphed into the EU which is very different and seems to be heading for dictatorship and unfortunately the ‘remainers’ seem to have been drawn into this ideology. An undemocratic body that dictates to democratically elected governments of member states can be nothing other than a dictatorship. Very dangerous.

In Germany’s recent elections we have seen elements of the extreme right gain seats in Germany’s Coalition Government and in the UK our government has cracked down on far right groups. Have we forgotten so soon the horrors of the Second World War?

In Britain we allowed the Scots to have a referendum and they democratically decided they wanted to stay in Britain.

Britain was the ‘mother of democracy’. As a youngster I was very proud of that, but now I fear that a large majority in this country are quite happy to sit back and let what democracy we still have slip through our fingers.

The Conservatives need to stop ‘pussy footing’ around the EU bureaucrats and start to take control.

We don’t need another Cameron disaster. 
He went in weak and came out with nothing and that is in no small part why the majority of British people voted for Brexit. 
If the EU remain intransigent let’s walk away now and stop wasting more money and time. Britain and the British people need to take back control over their own destiny.

We are an amazing country and race. Just look at our history. We stood alone in the Second World War until the Americans came into it and they only did that because the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour. We ruled the vast majority of the world under Queen Victoria. We were the first country in the world to give women the vote. We led the Industrial Revolution. We have produced some of the greatest men and women. These are just a few of our country’s achievements. We can survive outside the EU and I believe we will do better outside it. 
After all we survived very well before we joined. I want the ‘great’ back in Britain.

Boris Johnson in his speech at the Conservative Party Conference said “we are big enough to do amazing things.” 
I firmly believe that and I am definitely not a card-holding Conservative. I just wish there where enough Britons who believed it too. It’s about time some in our country found their back bones and started defending and showing pride in this fantastic country of ours and stopped running it down. After all there has to be a reason why so many thousands of foreigners want to come and live here.

J. A. Ainsworth

Ashover Road, Old Tupton.