LETTER: Fear development will lead to traffic chaos

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With reference to the Avenue development at Wingerworth.

I am very concerned about the volume of traffic it will generate onto Derby Road.

As I understand (and I hope I am wrong) there will be no road access from the development to Hasland/Grassmore. Therefore all traffic will be driving onto Derby Road to join the already busy road which serves the Wingerworth estates and traffic from ClayCross/Tupton and surrounding areas wanting to go to Chesterfield, Hasland and the M1 junction 29.

Also many vehicles use it as an alternative when there are problems at junction 28 on the M1. 
My concern is that chaos and traffic jams will ensue.

Why haven’t North East Derbyshire district planners and councillors realised this? Anyone in the area could have told have them.

Sue Godsell