LETTER: E-cig ban is unfair and too far

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Regarding the the Chesterfield Royal Hospital forbidding patients and visitors from smoking e-cigs on the grounds at all.

I feel it is grossly unfair to do this to people, as going to hospital has got to be the most stressful position for anyone to be in, either as a patient or visitor.

I think this total ban is both unfair and unreasonable since it has yet to be proven that passive smoking from e-cigs, which people are now using as an effective alternative to cigarettes, is harmful to non-smokers. I am sick of hearing all of the scaremongering on this subject, and I know that e-cigs do in fact help to reduce stress levels.

I believe that many people will refuse to go in for treatment if they are not allowed to alleviate their anxiety, and could possibly ignore symptoms rather than be treated like a child.

This, in my opinion, is going too far, and could be detrimental to health far worse than is being acknowledged by the hospital.

It really is a ‘nanny state’. I know that some people will disagree with what I am saying, but by the same rule I am sure that there will be an equal number who will agree.

Gloria Kestle

By email