LETTER: Don’t lambast smokers

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I am writing in response to Mr/Mrs anti-smoking.

You should realise that in this world there are inconsiderate people. They take many forms, whether this is a smoker who is in the wrong place, or dog owners who do not clean up after their pet, or dog owners who let their pet bark uncontrollably or even car owners who park where they like.

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However I do not see the need to lambast smokers who find themselves in hospital, after all they have paid into the system twice, via National Insurance and tax on tobacco products. 
I am always asked if I am a smoker if I visit a doctor for a check up (the answer is yes). I wasn’t asked this question when I donated blood. I wasn’t asked this question when I signed the papers for my wife’s organs to be used for transplant purposes after she was declared brain dead after a brain haemorrhage either.

You seem to be more of a drain on the NHS resources as you have to visit every day.

Roger Huckle

Bakewell Road, Inkersall