LETTER: Divisions in our once great country

We are paying for interference in foreign countries by the Blair/Brown administration.

The desperate people who are clamouring to escape despotic actions are the bi-product of American-led military operations that won the war but not the peace, in my view.

Whilst leaders like Saddam and Gaddafi were unacceptable to our way of thinking they did keep a lid on civil uprising and mass immigration to Europe.

If America and her war partners had left well alone there would be no Islamic State. Make no mistake that organisation will not be eradicated by current governments and we have an extremely dangerous situation.

In consequence we do not know how many of these “desperate people” crossing our borders are actually “sleeper warriors” for the Islamic State.

Open doors to our country have eroded the life blood of many once great cities.

Multiculturalism should enrich our society but there is unmistakable evidence that divisions are being created throughout this once great country by the influx of migrants whose customs and cultures are not in tune with the British way of life.

This can be accepted to a degree but when they demand their own laws and encourage extremists then it provides a bleak future for law abiding citizens who are proud to call England their home.

Dealing effectively with the problems in war-torn countries is the only answer.

That way we would be dealing with the cause and not the symptoms. National papers are reporting the number of immigrants in the country as eight million.

How many more can we safely take and more importantly how do we deal with the possible after effects regarding customs, religions, language, and integration?

Human rights and equal opportunities will have a field day. The price for allowing mass immigration is astronomical in more ways than money.

Some will say that the NHS will not operate without staff from overseas. This may well be true. I have asked my local MP for figures that reflect how many beds are filled with immigrants that have entered this country in the last 15 years. After seven weeks, no answer to date.

Alan Armstrong

Boundary Close, Staveley