LETTER: Diana tribute made a mockery of the town

Princess Diana well dressing at Chesterfield Market.
Princess Diana well dressing at Chesterfield Market.

The Derbyshire Times might be better employed directing the local anger at the councillors in Chesterfield who thought this would be a worthwhile use of taxpayers’ money.

It’s no longer a local story (it even hit the Guardian), and deservedly so. 
Chesterfield has made itself into a national laughing stock. What the hell did they imagine would happen?

Did nobody at any stage stand back and say “sorry, this is rubbish, just bury it in a deep hole and move on”.

Floral tribute to Diana unveiled

Council hits back at Diana tribute criticism

A ‘good’ artist could have pulled this off, regardless of the materials available. But even basic things like the lettering is skewhiff and not straight. And who thought grey hair was a good idea? We have yellow flowers in Britain.

This was amateur hour in my view, and it should have been strangled at birth.

Also, she did not live from 1997 to 2017, as the image implies.

This was always going to be a dangerous and emotive topic to tackle.

Stick to whatever you dressed your wells with in previous years if you want to avoid upsetting large swathes of the population.

Steve Hill

By email