LETTER: Cycle path work will casue chaos in run up to Christmas

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So, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, for the next five/six weeks leading up to Christmas there will be work at Horns Bridge with the town put into chaos again for more cycle track works - and we all know the works will NOT finish on December 4. 
Really, you couldn’t make it up. And if anybody tells me it’s to be paid for with EU money I will scream. EU money is OUR money.

I’m not the sharpest knife in the box, no three/four years in uni (one GCE in Maths -a bit thick really I suppose) but I’ve read your article about where the work will take place, what routes to take, where the holdups will be but I can’t make head nor tail of it. 
What I do know is that if there is even a slight problem anywhere near the town centre this has a knock-on effect in the whole area. Let’s not be coy, it is going to be a complete mess for some time so get ready for it. 
I’ve got a doctor’s appointment on Monday morning and my wife has a dentist appointment in the afternoon. I’m really apprehensive - I don’t know quite what to expect.

Living for so many years at the top of Hady, I’ve seen many a lycra-clad, superb athletic specimen trying to pedal up Hady Hill and have felt so sorry them as they are totally exhausted - half way up. And that’s with 25 gears. Perhaps we could use some of these endless funds that are sloshing around to construct some type of cycle converted ski lift to haul us up the hill and then we can all take part - yes, even we 70-year-olds - in the great Chesterfield cycling revolution. Although judging by the number of cyclists I see around I’d hardly call it a revolution. 
Quite a lot of us still play spot the cyclist going down the Sheffield Road/Whitmoor by-pass on the already constructed paths. My record on one pass is two, whilst keeping our main focus mainly on the road of course. We just catch sight of them out of the corner of our eyes.

Council “chiefs” have asked us to bear with them - again. Well, we’ll have to won’t we but I for one am not happy to bear with you. It’s getting past a joke.

At least we can let off steam in your column, although little good it does. It would be nice if the Derbyshire Times got off the fence and put in its two penneth. No matter if it agrees with what I say or not. 
Years ago I remember the then editor, Morton Edmunds I think it was (and others), always had a weekly column. He was local and therefore had a local interest in things and his remarks were always interesting whether you agreed with them or not. I suppose we’re all a bit too precious and frightened to get involved in that sort of malarkey nowadays.

I can’t wait for the coming weeks when new visitors to the Northern Gateway are confronted with the shambles that awaits them. As I said you couldn’t make it up.

Happy Christmas. Ho,ho,ho.....

Paul Webber