LETTER: Council, listen to us, the general public

I have to say for years, I have been wondering why the council has never re-opened or revamped the old multi-storey car park near KFC. This would have sorted out the Ravenside retail parking fiasco years ago and now I’m hearing that they are knocking it down. 
Our council just do things that bewilder me. Shops are closing, people are losing jobs because people would rather shop elsewhere such as Meadowhall with adequate parking facilities. 
If the council listened to us, the general public, they might learn a thing or two. 
Also I’d just like to know what are the three blue-doored terraced houses on Chatsworth Road near the little old courtyard thing doing just derelict?

Why hasn’t our council contacted the owner and had them revamped or have them sold to first-time buyers who would like to give them a make over and live in them instead of someone who wants to rent them out? They could be lovely little homes. Please help me find an answer about these little pieces of history.