LETTER: Common sense approach when it comes to PC

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The police force very often comes in for criticism (sometimes justified).

But the case of PC Rothwell, who decided to use a bit of humanity towards a homeless man, beggars belief .

Admittedly, the man was a shoplifter, but stealing £2 worth of biscuits would seem to suggest hunger rather than stealing to sell for profit.

Okay, the case against the constable seems to be around his report by not disclosing that he, the police officer, had forked out the £2 himself to reimburse the shop.

Surely that could have been dealt with by a senior officer having a quiet word, rather than thousands of pounds spent on a disciplinary hearing?

Presumably, the shop could argue that theft is theft, and I understand that argument, but in this instance, the way the officer handled the situation would have been win win all round if the store staff hadn’t reported the officer.

Sometimes, a bit of good old fashioned common sense is best.

Col Gill

Rother Street, Pilsley