LETTER: Chesterfield was buzzing at 40s event

Back to the 40s, shoppers admiring a line up of period cars
Back to the 40s, shoppers admiring a line up of period cars

May I, through the pages of the Derbyshire Times, express my gratitude and thanks to the people responsible for organising the 40s-themed flea market on Thursday, October 26?

What a fantastic event and Chesterfield really came alive for the day as the town was packed with people enjoying the events and sights on the day. There was something for everyone.

The events included a 40s dance band-Kalamazoo who got people up dancing with their brilliant music and songs from the war days, in fact three ladies who would have possibly experienced those times got up to dance and were step perfect and could really move.

There were people in period dress and costumes ranging from British soldiers and Air Force pilots to American GIs, air raid wardens to Land Army girls.

The ladies who were dressed up looked elegant and the men looked smart and dapper. They made a great effort and it really was their day.

There was a selection of military vehicles including Jeeps and armoured cars and some really well cared for and preserved classic cars from that period. Also worthy of mention was the Thwaite’s Brewery wagon pulled by two magnificent black and white shire horses in all their finery, true gentle giants.

At the far end of town in the small market square was (to me) truly the star of the show - a full size replica Spitfire which really drew the crowds. I was lucky enough on the previous evening to see it being assembled by the Spitfire support team and I even spoke to a lady who said that she had paid for it to come to Chesterfield for display (I’m not sure who she was). The plane was amazing and I’m sure it evoked a lot of memories for a lot of people on the day and I wont forget the little girl sat in the cockpit with her thumb up having her picture took while her dad looked on.

Yes, this was a lovely and memorable day for Chesterfield, The market stalls were all full and busy and it was absolutely heaving.

My only disappointment was later in the day when I expected this brilliant occasion to at least be featured on the BBC’s Look North programme at 6.30 in the evening. There had been a BBC stall opposite the former post office so I was surprised that there had been no television coverage - shame on you BBC.

Stephen Payne

By email