LETTER: Ashgate Road car park petition has 600 signatures

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May we take this opportunity to thank Mr Holloway for publicising our campaign to keep Ashgate Road car park open. 
We were elected in May of this year to represent the views of Brockwell residents and within a short period of time we were informed of the council’s decision to sell the car park, with the land being earmarked for housing development. 
The income raised would be used to offset the cuts in central government funding that the authority has experienced year on year and is likely to continue to experience. Our street surgeries and responses from residents have been overwhelmingly traffic related and in particular, issues about parking. It came therefore as no surprise that the local residents and those using the car park were concerned about the sale. In order to represent their views effectively, we felt there was a need to debate the issue – the petition is an inclusive tool for triggering a debate. 
Our community has responded and we now have more than 600 signatures but still require a further 350 plus for that debate to take place. We are well aware of our council’s very important need to raise additional income streams and also of the need for further housing development across the borough. Through a reasoned, mature debate we feel strongly that alternatives to the sale of the car park at Ashgate Road exist and should be explored.
To sign the petition please go to www.chesterfield.gov.uk

Councillors Steve Brunt& John Dickinson

Brockwell Ward