LETTER: Apology to unknown cyclist

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Recently, whilst driving between Matlock and Chesterfield, I followed a male cyclist for a few hundred metres as there were no overtaking opportunities. 
On approaching the junction with Walton Back Lane the road widened and I overtook the cyclist in what I thought was a safe manner. 
However, as I was waiting at traffic lights at the top of Walton Road he stopped by the side of my car and complained that I had passed very close to him. At the time I said that I was glad that I had missed him. 
In retrospect I realise that my response was not adequate and I would like to publicly apologise to him for any anxiety and distress that my actions caused.

I would like to add that I respect the right of cyclists to be on the highway and normally give them as wide a berth as possible to avoid any problems.

Keith F.

By email