LETTER: Ad makes paper look like it supports Tories

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The Clay Cross Parish Council wishes to object to the Derbyshire Times’ decision to put a ‘vote Conservative’ advertisement on the front page of the newspaper.

We believe that the Derbyshire Times, by allowing this to take place, has inadvertently looked as if it has taken sides in the election.

Alongside other local newspapers which did the same thing, the parish council feels that the Derbyshire Times has looked to have lost its neutrality (innocent as your actions may be).

In the light of your neutrality we would urge the newspaper not to carry a similar political advertisement (from any party or individual) for the forthcoming General Election.

We hope you have the neutrality to print our letter and to consider our concerns that you are not to be seen as supporting one party or the other.

NB, another newspaper did the same thing and received massive criticism from the local communities.

Coun G.Morley

Chairman, Clay Cross Parish Council

Editor’s footnote — the Derbyshire Times does not endorse any political party, nor does it endorse any of the products or services of anyone who chooses to advertise in our pages.

Other political parties are free to advertise their message to the people of Derbyshire through our pages and we have carried adverts for other candidates and parties.

Advertising, be it from political parties, supermarkets or car makers, is vital to the long-term future of newspapers and it is this income which pays for our professional and impartial journalism - holding to account those in power regardless of whatever political party they represent.