Let’s use common sense...

AS a new dad I have every sympathy with the campaign against irresponsible parking having had to negotiate many a badly parked vehicle with a pram. However I do think some common sense has to be applied. The picture (right, Derbyshire Times, August 25) shows what is not the widest road, and I would suggest that should the cars have been parked “correctly” there definitely would have been a problem for access by ambulance, fire engine etc. The picture shows more than adequate room for prams, wheelchairs etc, and I would suggest that these vehicles are parked sensibly given the conditions on the road. Whilst it is technically illegal to park on the footway, many people who live on narrow streets often have no choice as to park “correctly” would simply block the road.

Unfortunately, a big problem seems to be that people don’t want others parking outside their houses, or on their streets if the driver themselves doesn’t live their, but that’s a whole different issue.

Irresponsible parking is a problem in some places but photographs such as the one published don’t help the cause. All I ask is that each case is taken on it’s own merits and the bigger picture taken into account.

Lee Richards

By email