Leader’s plain speaking

In response to the various letters re Chesterfield Borough Council in last weeks columns. Whilst most of the comments are related to the Liberal Democrats Council I accept the responsibility to answer them.

1:I welcome and agree with the comments from Trevor Sandall re speaking plainly “Here goes”.

2:David Hopton on behalf of Hackney Cabs, he wants a reduction in numbers, why? Could it mean more business for him? He also knows a reduction in Hackney Licenses has been agreed.

3:Callum Phoenix re the Station, I agree the station is a disgrace,especially given it gives the first impression to visitors. Perhaps like me Callum should write to the those responsible for the station’s upkeep and not wrongly assume this council controls the world. As for the plants outside the Town Hall, take ‘em away as far as I’m concerned. Will he then reply to the letters of complaint that will follow about the “absolute disgrace” of the state of the Town Hall in the middle of our Town. Or will I?

4: Mrs Taylor, If this council could force traders to work the town’s markets we would be criticised for forcing people to work where they don’t want to. Perhaps this would solve the problem of empty market stalls at the same time.

Nowhere to park? May be its because the booters are using the car park for their trading. The people stopping parking are there because traders complained about the traffic being allowed onto the car park when the car boot was in place. Whilst Mrs Taylor’s visit to Chesterfield is most welcome, why does she have to travel from Sheffield - are there no car boots in Sheffield? I purposely visited the car boot sale last Sunday. It was “heaving” I thought and the booters seemed a happy lot.

5. Dog Owner Hasland, as one dog owner to another “dogs on leads at all times” will be looked at to see why it’s not still in place. It would be nice though to recognise the extensive number of parks supplied, maintained and retained by this Council.

Perhaps the minority of dog owner residents who allow their pets to foul and then don’t clean up will take responsibility and the parents of young vandals will take responsibility for their children.

Plain speaking! I will surely get some critics of this letter.

Cllr John Burrows

Leader, Chesterfield Borough Council