Lack of markings a danger to drivers

I have no wish to be a weekly contributor to your column, but I thought that as you have printed one of my letters recently I thought that I would strike whilst the iron is hot.

It concerns your ‘Respect on the Roads’ campaign.

Two incidents this week have initiated me to write to you, both concern road markings, or rather lack of them.

Whilst driving around Holywell street car park roundabout (yes that is its proper name) I approached the zebra crossing leading towards Stonegravels, the lights were on stop with a car on the right hand side.

As my destination was Newbold, I pulled alongside the stationary car. Imagine my surprise when only a few yards from the mini roundabout the driver “cut me up” to go up Newbold Road, as you can gather further up the road an altercation followed.

The driver was absolutely convinced that it was not necessary to get into the right lane until virtually on top of the roundabout. On checking this on my return journey I noticed that the lane direction did indeed only start a few feet from the roundabout. So, my question is, why? When there is such a distance from the crossing to the roundabout, such lack of markings can only lead to loss of temper, and not help the ‘Campaign’ one bit.

The other incident concerned my cyclist son, who approaching a line of stationary cars at a traffic lights, winding his way down the cycle track expecting to find a cycle refuge box at the front but found none, therefore leaving him in ‘no mans land’ so as to speak, which was exacerbated by the fact that he wanted the right had lane. When he set off on green he was honked at and promptly fell off his bike in front of a car, the driver of which, just grinned whilst others just scorned and offered no sympathy whatsoever as to his wellbeing.

Not being a resident of Chesterfield had he not got the right to expect, as in other areas this refuge to be there?

G Arnold