Killing is in their nature

Mr Lomas is indeed an amusing man. His letter (Times Talk 23 February) about cats was quite incredible. A cat is a cat. They kill things. It’s their nature.

Unfortunately a pebble driveway to a cat is just a big litter tray. Try explaining to one that it’s not for pooping on. Has Mr Lomas even got any birds in his garden? Or is he worried they may poo on the lawn?

Cats also kill rats if given a chance. As for getting in touch with your local MP to moan about cat poo? Well, that’s priceless. L Hollindale’s suggestion of a cat bib although meant well isn’t a solution either. I have kept cats for over 40 years.

I love them dearly. I don’t like it when they kill anything. I have recently been forced to keep them indoors now as they have been poisoned and injured over the past few years, costing not just vet’s fees but a lot of upset. It’s just another example of society’s intolerance and changing attitudes towards something that has been natural for centuries. Very sad.


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