Joy that No.2 bus service is to be restored

In these difficult economic times it is a pleasure to be able to write to you to provide you with some good news for a change.

In the early summer, we were informed by Stagecoach that due to cutbacks we were no longer going to have a number 2 bus service to the bottom of Cheedale Avenue. The Cheedale Avenue area is populated by an overwhelming number of senior citizens. The termination of the number 2 bus service would have caused many pensioners to have been house bound in the winter. As a result of this situation, we decided to mount a campaign in order to try to persuade Stagecoach to change their minds. At a large public meeting, organised by Toby Perkins MP, along with Charlie Hall, chairperson of the Chesterfield Over 50s organisation and myself, we put our concerns to the management of Chesterfield Stagecoach. As a result of our meeting, BBC Radio Sheffield and BBC Look North and Age concern also helped with our campaign. We are delighted to report that as a result of our lobbying, Stagecoach has now confirmed that they are going to restore an hourly bus service to the bottom of Cheedale Avenue in early October.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped in our campaign and our particular thanks also to Mr Shane Howard and Mr Pat Kelly of Chesterfield Stagecoach for attending our meeting and for both listening to an acting upon our concerns.

Cllr Avis Murphy

Loundsley Green