It’s an eyesore

ON passing the island by Linacre Road and in the middle of Loundsley Green Road, I saw a notice asking for someone to sponsor the said island, which is now a mound of dead grass and weeds.

I would like to make the suggestion for someone to contact the group of people who were given permission to remove all the hundreds of beautiful daffodils which covered the island originally, and then planted a ‘wild meadow’ - for the wildlife.

This in the middle of a very busy road, which is already surrounded by hedgerows and trees!

They are probably the same group of people who have planted 200 small trees and shrubs on an area of nicely cut grass surrounded by trees in front of flats and bungalows on Pennine Way and Holmbrook Walk.

It is now a wilderness of uncut grass and weeds.

This is the eyesore which the occupants of the flats and bungalows now have to look out onto.

Name and address