Is it no longer important to honour the fallen?

At 10.30am on Remembrance Sunday a party of residents gathered together at the Village Club, at Lifestyle Village, Old Whittington, to progress to the village memorial for the 11th hour.

Arriving there ten minutes prior to the appointed hour, it was with some concern that there was no organised gathering to remember those on the memorial or any of the more recent heroes who have died in the service of our country.

By the appointed hour there was still no service or the presence of any of the local organisations. Those wishing to pay their respects, some wearing medals were left wondering if anything was to happen.

One of the party led the two minutes silence without ceremony and some waited for half an hour or more for something to happen.

It would have been nice for the staff of the Cock and Magpie to have opened their doors for the largely elderly party, but they didn’t.

The group from Lifestyle were getting restless, in particular our 91-year-old ex-RAF resident who was to lay a wreath. We left the wreath and returned to the Lifestyle Village Club for a drink and to remember those that had fallen and wish continued safety to those still serving.

The official wreath laying took place after noon. What a pity that the traditional service did not take place in Old Whittington at the same appointed hour as it did in villages, towns and cities in the rest of this great country of ours. Is it no longer important that we should observe the correct time for the annual act of remembrance.

Disappointed Village resident

Old Whittington