Interest is welcome

In response to the letter from Gloria Wass (Times Talk, March 8) I wish to point out that in my original letter sent to The Derbyshire Times which led to the article, I pointed out at length my commitment to the village of Glapwell.

The article was intended to convey this sentiment and as a rallying cry to residents to put actions into place to support and preserve their community.

As a champion of all things associated with Glapwell, I welcome the interest shown by Gloria Wass. I’m sure that she too is interested in working with fellow residents in order to preserve the fabric of the village and fight against its erosion.

I look forward to her getting involved in any community activities organised and feel sure that her championing spirit will ensure that she has a positive part to play.

It may be that she has ideas that could enhance what is already being done within the village and again these will be welcomed by the dedicated few who are striving to preserve and enhance Glapwell’s community life.