Incredulity over frosty reception

Residents will know of Derbyshire County Council’s plans to overhaul gritting routes.

Plans were approved following consultation with the public, parish, district and borough councils.

Everyone would agree that a high quality winter maintenance service is necessary, especially when you recall the severe weather conditions we suffered in this area last winter.

It would seem incredulous that any council would not wish to support the County’s plans but that is exactly what has happened when Labour controlled ‘Strategic Alliance’ of Bolsover and North East Derbyshire District Councils decided to pull out of the agreement at the ‘eleventh hour’.

When all other councils have signed up to work with the County Council to improve snow and ice clearing services during bad weather, it beggars belief that Bolsover and North East councils would make such a decision.

Although the councils insist their decision is not political, we will leave readers to draw their own conclusion.

A spokesperson for North East Council states that the decision is based on the level of funding.

We sincerely hope that this coming winter is not as severe as the last few have been but the long range forecasts tell us that it could be.

Pat Antcliff, Adele Blackburn, Philip Blackburn, Peter Elliott, Frances Ellis, Stuart Ellis, Mike Emmens, Michelle Emmens, Angelique Foster, Roger Hall, Carol Huckerby, Barry Lewis, John McGrory, Doug Oxspring, Peter Ramshaw, Martin Thacker, Paul Widdowson

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