Inconsiderate litter louts blighting area

I AM sure I am not the only one to notice the increase in litter and debris since the melting of the snows. The A61 bypass from Unstone to Junction 29 is an absolute disgrace. There has also been a vast increase in the amount of takeaway-generated rubbish in lay-bys and beauty spots. It is no coincidence that since local fast food outlets have had a 24-hour trading policy, this has occurred.

It would appear that when these inconsiderate motorists come to any junction they open their windows and throw their rubbish out.

I know our traffic and parking enforcement officers would appear far too busy to be able to assist in this matter, but I am sure that the fines that could be generated would more than pay for any extra staff employed.

In my view dog fouling has become a matter of social conscience, drink driving the same, and even use of mobile phones whilst driving would appear to be on the decrease.

Is there a chance that littering the town, that the majority wish to be proud of, can also be a matter of social conscience?