In support of Reports from the Courts

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For several years we have taken holidays in Malta and the local paper always has a report on the week’s court cases.

I have said for many years what an excellent idea this would be for the UK.

I sincerely believe the Derbyshire Times has done the right thing and taken the lead in this matter and should be supported for doing so.

I strongly disagree with Cllr Davenport.

We have had 25 or more years of “do-gooders” wanting more and more lenient sentencing and look where it has got us, in the complete mess we now find ourselves in.

It may be that a drink-driver is named and given a 12-month ban, someone in their street could see that person driving again shortly after reading of it in the paper, surely it would be better to get the police to check it out, rather than have someone seriously hurt.

The police are always looking for information and in times of reductions in police numbers surely this will become even more important.

So please carry on the good work and report honestly and fairly.

D McGregor

North Wingfield