In favour of Manor scheme

Anyone who knows me will testify to my love of history. This includes the preservation of historical monuments and buildings.

However, Manor College is a different issue.

I am a patient of Avondale Road but you only have to look at the place to know that it’s end is only temporarily delayed if the proposed destruction and replacement by a purpose built Health Centre is not granted.

There are weeds growing out of the roof in several places. Most of the first two floors of the building has seen all the windows smashed by vandals and there is clear evidence that the place has been invaded both for the things which can be taken for sale and by people sleeping rough.

Some of the ceilings have collapsed, there are a number of dead pigeons in some of the rooms and someone has used one of the toilets and not been able to flush it – the water was turned off after vandals flooded a large area of the property.

There are a lot of patients who would benefit from this development and I am sure most of the residents of Avondale Road can’t wait to see the surgery moved because of the problem of parking.

I accept that the demolition of the Manor College may cause disruption and noise/dust pollution for residents on Springbank Road but this will only be temporary and will be minimised.

I believe that on the part of certain local people, this is a case of not in my back yard.The developers of the new Surgery have tried to the best of their ability to preserve the frontage of the old building but it is impossible as the Health Authority will not agree to fund the development without strict guidelines being adhered to.

The new development will not be an eyesore as anyone can discover if they look at pictures.

David Fox