I want to pay my way

I AM writing to you in response to a letter from Mr R. A. Madin (‘Should the disabled park free of charge?’, Derbyshire Times, Thursday, May 19).

This letter left me quite annoyed.

I am disabled with four different conditions - one of which is cancer.

Disabled people have to pay £2.20 for the first two hours and two hours free.

I pay full parking fees like everyone else as I park in the car park near the town hall which is closer and easier. This car park has no concessions for blue badge holders.

I don’t mind paying for parking, and I don’t think anyone should just presume about disabled people’s finances.

I accept the point that anyone who has a problem walking does need a blue badge. Although I am as the gentleman says ‘on the breadline’ as illness can give you extra cost, I would still rather pay full parking fees like able-bodied people for the convenience of being closer to town.


Old Whittington