As I cycled into town this morning, the clock beneath the Crooked Spire has stopped at 12.20, (this at 9am).

Perhaps the fact that things are coming to a standstill regarding local services was reflected by the most photographed clock in the town.

Take grass verges as a prime example, many are left overgrown and unsightly, and when they are eventually cut, the chewed-up litter and debris is an horrendous eyesore.

However, my biggest gripe with all of our local authorities is regarding safeguarding the public lives. Where I live in Stanfree, narrow lanes are left to stagnate, with little or no maintenance (or litter picking) given to them.

I myself have resorted to cutting back the overgrown vegetation, especially on the ‘goose neck’ in the lane with it’s blind spots, the scene of many, many accidents throughout the years.

Also, the drainage ditch is frequently blocked, causing flooding and black ice in the winter.

Why oh why can’t our authorities get to grips with their basic duties, after all this is the 21st century.

Oh well, at least they’ve fixed the crooked spire clock now, so at least that’s efficient again.

Geoff A. Evans