RE: In response to the letter from G. Arnold, (Times Talk, June 30).

May I ask, where he has obtained his mining information from? Six to nine inch seams, what planet is he from? Obviously with the contents of his letter, the same one as Maggie Thatcher, and ‘Mac the Knife’ (Ian McGregor)

For your information Mr Arnold the last two units to be mined in the Blackshale seam at Markham Colliery were six feet thick. The only dirt to go out of the mine was from the main and air gate rips probably less than 20 tons per metre. (If you don’t know what a rip is, Google it under coal mining). My calculations work out to 20 tons of dirt per 1500 tons of high quality saleable coal.

If you are going to criticise ex-miners and the work you obviously wouldn’t have the guts to do, PLEASE have the decency to do a bit of research first.

As we were told in the late 80s early 90s coal is history, we are self sufficient with gas and oil, we don’t need coal.

Ahem, wake up!

We now import 50% of our gas from abroad and we’re paying the highest price in Europe for petrol.

In a nutshell Mr Arnold, they have us with the short and curly’s, we pay the price they want or they close the valve. In the news recently another 18-25% rise in price to shortly follow.

As for the Markham Vale project (The white elephant site) businesses don’t appear to be fighting to get on there do they? Take a look around you Mr Arnold, Sheepbridge: empty properties, Holmewood: empty properties, everywhere you go ‘Premises for sale or to let’. Why not build some more at Markham Vale and leave them empty as well.

With Con-Dems in power, businesses closing down left right and centre has reduced the need for Council premises not increase the demand. Or do you know something the rest of the UK is not aware of?

The last sarcastic paragraph you mentioned in your letter that was to be saved for something less proactive, perhaps it could be used to apologise to Mr Harris for commenting on a subject you obviously haven’t got a clue about.

Mick Atack