Health Lottery ‘is repugnant’

The so-called Health Lottery (Hospice’s fears over new lottery - Derbyshire Times October 20) is morally repugnant.

By using the name “The Health Lottery” it preys on the desire of people to support the National Health Service and hides the amount really donated to health causes in the small print (20 pence in the pound).

In reality it is a cash cow for its owners.

I just hope that people will realise the magnitude of this confidence trick and that it falls flat on its face.

We can achieve so much more by supporting true good causes such as Chesterfield Hospice.

Hopefully, articles such as the one in last week’s Derbyshire Times and the Hospice’s “No” campaign, will raise awareness of, and increase support for, its own lottery (of which I was previously unaware).

Dave Sainty