Having twins? I would write the book - if I wasn’t so tired!

As a mum to twin toddler girls and also an elder teenager daughter, I felt more than equipped to comment on your recent article (‘Twin dilemma’, Derbyshire Times, June 30)

My experience of raising twins is similar to the Clare house. My twins were six weeks premature and I relied on my husband and other family members to lend a hand even if it was to make a drink of tea for themselves if I was busy with the twins.

The first year is really, really hard, and challenging (and if any other twin parent says otherwise they are lying!) but I am glad I survived the first year, albeit with a few more grey hairs.

Weaning was a nightmare - my kitchen walls suffered the most.

Sleeping and general routines were fine, I (touch wood) have never had any problems with my girls and sleep, I am regularly commended on my strict routines (thanks to Gina Ford). My girly mummy friends used to laugh when in that first year I would take off and say bye as I had to go home and make sure my twins were getting their recommended nap at the set times.

The financial implications were just horrid, after having my heart set on upgrading my three-door car for an Audi convertible, we found out there were two babies, so upgraded to the old faithful five-door car.

Two cots, car seats, clothes toys etc, the list goes on.

Christmas falls on the twins’ birthday, December 23, so you can imagine our house overrun by gifts spilling out of every available space.

I’m very very lucky as my teen helps out a lot with her sisters and knows exactly how the ship is run.

The upside is that Mother’s Day is fantastic with my girls, and I know its all worth it when I pick my twins up from nursery (don’t get me started on the extortionate expense of that) they run into my arms chanting ‘Momma’ and showering me with kisses, and to watch them play, laugh and grow.

I should have written the book myself, if only I had time to sit down and have me time, instead of sitting down and five minutes later remembering that the twins are in bed and that I don’t need to watch CBeebies!

Lisa Forde