Have a little consideration

There seems to be a growing number of motorists who think road closure signs do not apply to them.

What is this, ‘the road is closed to all except you’? Please have some consideration for the hard working crews who are competing with time to get the job done.

These guys work from 7.30am to 6pm non-stop seven days a week at the moment and having to break every few minutes to let an inconsiderate motorist through is not on.

I live on Williamthorpe Road and it has been a difficult two weeks so far with another week of complete closure to go.

I have, however, made alternative parking arrangements during working hours moving my car at 7am to go to work at 8am and parking elsewhere until they have finished and I can get back on to my drive again.

I know it’s annoying having to use the diversions but it only means leaving home a few minutes earlier.

Come on motorists have a little consideration. ‘THE ROAD IS CLOSED’!!


North Wingfield