Hasland is in safe hands: We will take some action

I’d like to assure readers that Derbyshire County Council is taking residents’ concerns about Hasland junction very seriously (We’ve become a blackspot: Act before it is too late! – Derbyshire Times, 4 July 2013).

We met with Hasland Traffic Lights Working Group on 10th July to give feedback from the well-attended consultation event.

During the event, we received 260 responses from people giving us their views.

The general consensus was that people wanted us to remove the current traffic light system and reinstall a mini-roundabout which was there previously.

Officers will now draft a report for the cabinet member for jobs, economy and transport to consider.

The report will contain the results of the consultation and recommendations about what action should be taken.

We’ve listened to residents’ views and we’re keen to come up with a safe solution acceptable to everyone.

Councillor Dave Allen

County Councillor for the Birdholme Electoral Division