Has the council lost plot?

I AM writing regarding a letter in last week’s Derbyshire Times (‘What about customers?’) regarding the situation in the market hall.

Has the council lost the plot?

In my eyes they will loose the tradition of the town, as this iconic building is changed to be a modern waste of space.

In a previous article (Derbyshire Times, Thursday, October 14) claimed that, ‘tenants and stallholders will be temporarily relocated to the town centre’.

Yes.... Maybe, but only if they find there own business premises themselves. That’s the overall picture been drawn up by businesses and stallholder currently trading in the market hall.

With several food stalls still without temporary businesses to trade, there has been very little assistance in finding suitable premises for these businesses.

They will stand to loose the good will they have built up in their businesses, with some investing half their lives in them.

The effect of this development will be to destroy profitable businesses.

The priority in England surely, is to create businesses that are employing people, and drive down unemployment.

So we have to ask, ‘what is the £4.3 million actually for?’

We are led to believe it is to regenerate the historic gem that is today, or is it to loose the historical feel it currently has.

Time will tell, but fear is in the air among stallholders and business about their future!

Mark Carey,

Holme Hall