Happy memories of wonderful schooldays

AS a pupil at Violet Markham School it was nice to read your article on the lady herself. I often tell my grandchildren about my years at ‘Violet’s’, as we called it. Strict uniform, including walking into and out of school with berets on head, at all times displaying the school badge. The uniform was gymslip and white blouse, progressing to skirt in the second year, and pale green summer dresses. I can also remember the first ever male teachers at our school - Mr Gordon and Mr De Freize. Miss Markham herself was a lovely lady and came to school on a regular basis to see the headteacher, then Miss Weninger, and she would often visit each formroom and often sat in for photos. I remember most of my form friends’ names. To this day I meet my friend Joan Fullwood twice a week who I met on my first day at Violet’s. We are more like family after 56 years of friendship.

We were at school when Violet Markham died and remember school closed the day of her funeral. Your article brought so many memories back, thankyou.