Happy days at the DT

I saw a photograph in the Derbyshire Times a few weeks ago of a group of girls/women who worked in the DT offices in the 1950’s. Some faces were familiar but I’ve forgotten their names.

I worked in the reading room of the newsroom from 1960 till 1970, when I came to London. I well remember Mr John Edwards but Mr Morton Edwards and Mr Gerald Edwards also worked in the Station Road offices. Mr Morton was editor, and Mr Gerald I think was a director, but hands on. Mr John and Mr Morton were Mr Gerald’s nephews. It was then still a family concern of Wildfred Edmunds and the paper was a broadsheet of eight editions.

I remember I had a wonderful time being in the newsroom with I think probably about 40 to 50 men. There were 3 girls known as copyholders. We were in our late teens - happy days.

Avril Bottoms