Good night’s sleep

The council’s plan to cut street lighting is the best news in a long time – fantastic news.

Street lighting should have been cut years ago.

From our personal point of view, I for one will get a good nights sleep (in the dark) if the lights are off. It is almost impossible to shut out the neon glare from the bedroom window, it is so light in the house you do not need to put a light on to get up in the middle of the night.

Sleep deprivation is an underlying cause of many illnesses and conditions. From my husband’s point of view, a man most interested in astronomy, it is impossible to see anything from his telescope as the night sky is so polluted. He gets very cross about this.

It is doubtful that crime will increase as most crimes are committed during the day when the burglars have less chance of being heard or looking suspicious.

Regarding safety on the roads, so few people are out and about after midnight anyway, those that are can do what they do now, wear something reflective and take responsibilty for themselves by looking out for oncoming traffic, carry a touch.

This is an excellent way for the council to save vast amounts of money and in doing so help to reduce carbon emissions that are damaging our wonderful Earth. On this issue you will never be able to keep us all happy no matter what you decide to do, but we will be delighted on a vote of lights out!

P and C Cory

By email