Get facts on the website: Madness to allow mine

After 150 years of mining and relative industry that created the dirt and dust that polluted this area, we have had enough of it.

We marched in support of the Hilltop protest to protect our young generation from the dangers of future air contamination from coal dust and pollution, considering the undeniable damage it did to many of our older generation.

Now at last, we are in a time where after spending millions of pounds on regeneration, we are beginning to see this area becoming clean once again.

Trees have been planted, and flowers are growing where nothing could grow not long ago.

It would be madness if they are allowed to rip up and destroy its only remaining nearby farmland and abundant wildlife, only for us to suffer from its pollution effects for many years to come, for just two weeks’ coal supply to a power station.

As one who knows how outcrops operate, this one will not employ hundreds, it will bring in its own outside contractors to the job, and perhaps employ four or five locals to menial tasks about the site.

Finally, I ask if anyone wants to know the unbiased truth about the dangers of outcrop, go to the Hilltop protest website, read what the health and environmental experts are warning us about, and discover why we marched against it.

George Stevenson

Clay Cross