Forced to stay in a rental rut

With reference to Mr Barnes’s letter that times are not that tough for first-time buyers, I think there must be a typing error in his claim that you can secure a good three-bedroom semi-detached home for only £85,000!

I know that the area of Chesterfield I’m looking to buy a house in and you couldn’t get a fixer-upper two bedroom terrace house for that money – maybe he’s missed a ‘one’ off the front of his calculations as £185,000 sounds more realistic to me.

As for statements that ‘mortgages are readily available’ and that ‘monthly repayments are less than rent’, yes I quite agree but what will they lend you?

I work part time as I am a single mother and the maximum I could borrow is the princely sum of £25,000. What exactly will that buy me in this market even with a deposit? People have no choice but to rent and pay more in monthly payments than a mortgage would be because they are not permitted to borrow the exorbitant amounts that house prices have become. It’s an extremely frustrating position so I have no choice but to remain in the rut I find myself in.

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