Flying the blimp for windfarms

On September 28, at the request of Bolsover District Council’s planning department, the would-be developers of Losk Lane windfarm, on the borders of Palterton, flew a blimp. The purpose of this was to highlight the height of the three turbines they wish to erect. This blimp was at the site of the one that is nearest to the village, less than 500m away from Main Street.

I am sure readers of your newspaper who witnessed the blimp hovering above the countryside will have been shocked at the elevation.

Perhaps the community is not aware that because of aviation regulations, the blimp was, in fact, 30ft short of the turbines actual distance from the ground. Even more scary!

Imaginging replacing this innocuous bobbing balloon and its anchor of rope with a wind turbine, readers’ fears would have increased further.

The impact was even greater farther away, from Heath and Sutton Scarsdale, the sheer size and turning of the turbines will be overpowering on the ridge line.

Consider how dangerous they will be in a morning as drivers approaching the M1 along the A617 will have to put up with the sun flickering through the blades directly in their line of sight. The blimp could even be seen from Staveley.

Scottish law prohibits windfarm development within a two-kilometre boundary of communities. It is about time that our English parliament adopted the same ruling.

Alison Rodger