Expense accounts triumph over voters

Having read with interest the letter from Tim Levers (Derbyshire Times, September 29), I write to express my complete agreement with what he wrote.

Having received the biggest single petition ever handed in to them, these arrogant councillors chose to ignore it simply because they deemed it to be ‘non-Labour’.

The people who signed the petition, of whom I was one were simply ignored, as was our request that we see some positive action on the behalf of the council for the benefit of our people.

The council’s alternative toilet plan was that the council toilets be made available to the public, but two sit-down units are not at all sufficient for the hundreds who used the public ones. I say ‘used’, because without any notice at all, and without signage to alert people to this alternative, the council failed to open them from September 24 and, furthermore, had the arrogance to actually turn the public away on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

As for the financial ‘savings’ aspect, I agree completely that this excuse is a smoke-screen, as with such an amount of cash to invest in redeveloping the conveniences into an unrentable shop with no hope of achieving a return on investment, and voting themselves a huge expenses package increase, and with millions in the bank, that clearly there is only a need for a saving when it suits the councillors themselves, rather than when it is truly needed.

Let’s remember that serving as a councillor is supposed to be a voluntary, unpaid position, yet this council has tagged on perk after perk to end this system.

In the real world, if you incur an expense, you hand in the receipt and reclaim your money; in the council, you are given over £10,000 a year to spend on anything you want and don’t need to be accountable for anything at all. Shame on our councillors, shame on their lack of respect for a democratic petition.

Rev T Miles