Exciting future for police? No chance!

THE elections for the new Police and Crime Commissioner in Derbyshire takes place in November.

The Derbyshire Liberal Democrats, in common with Liberal Democrats in many parts of the country, will not be fielding a candidate because we believe the initiative is flawed, expensive and counter-productive to local; democracy.

Currently the Police Authority is a mixture of elected councillors and independent members who pool their skills and local knowledge to manage the local force effectively.

From next month the post will become politicised and remote. A high proportion of the overall candidates being serving or retired politicians – hardly the breath of fresh air we were promised!

It is impossible for one person to be aware of all the issues that confront our complex county, but the incumbent will be expected to have that degree of awareness.

Personally, I’ll be spoiling my ballot paper.

Few people know about the election, and even fewer care about it. Predictions of a 10 per cent turnout may even prove to be optimistic!

Currently, politics plays little part in deciding policing priorities – watch that change as the party line is followed.

The dream was that that each local force would have innovative fresh-faced enthusiasts forming an orderly queue to ‘do their bit’ for the community. The reality is that tired old faces see the attractive salary as a great opportunity for one last big pay day.

Exciting future? Pull the other one.

Howard Borrell